We have a good idea of what to expect from the Pro, Neo, and Lite however, with renders, specs, and benchmarks now leaked in full – so read on to find out what’s on the way from Oppo.

When does the Oppo Find X3 launch?

The Find X3 series will launch on 11 March, around the same time that the Find X2 and Find X2 Pro did last year. 

Oppo has confirmed that the “global Find X3 Series launch” is coming at 11:30am GMT that day, which is a brisk 6:30am ET or 3:30am PT if you’re in the States.

Oppo Find X3 Launch

The date matches one leaked in advance by Jon Prosser. He also claimed that this is when the Find X3 Pro, Lite, and Neo will be unveiled, with pre-orders to follow at the end of March, and phones shipping in mid-April – matching a previous prediction from Evan Blass.

Note that there’s no mention of a regular Find X3, adding fuel to speculation that the vanilla model either won’t launch after all, or won’t in every market.

How much is the Oppo Find X3?

At this stage, pricing is also up in the air. With the existing Find X2 range, the standard model starts at £899, while the Pro pushes to a starting price of £1099, and the Neo (£599) and Lite (£399) making up the cheaper end of the range.

Although there’s a chance that the company might hike prices to some degree, in the current market, Oppo is already brushing up against the ceiling of what most brands charge for a flagship Android phone, so going much higher would require significant technological innovation to justify a further increase.

91mobiles leaked rough pricing ranges for the range, though ‘rough’ is the operative word – there’s no specific price claims. In any case, the site predicts the following pricing in Euros, showing little year-on-year change:

  • Find X2 Pro: 12GB + 256GB – €1000-1200
  • Find X2 Neo: 12GB + 256GB – €700-800
  • Find X2 Lite: 8GB + 128GB – €400-500

The complicating factor is the question of which models there will be. The Find X2 series launched with two phones – the standard version and the Pro – later expanded by the Lite and Neo.

Evan Blass initially predicted that this year four phones will launch together in March, though since then we’ve heard more pointing towards a three-phone launch, with no regular Find X3. However, there are enough leaks for a vanilla Find X3 model that we’re confident that it does exist – but might be a China exclusive.

What will the Find X3 look like?

Thanks once again to leaker Evan Blass, we’ve had a good idea of what the Find X3 series looks like for a while, as he revealed what he claims are official Oppo renders of the Find X3 Pro model – you’ll have already seen one up at the top of this page.

Oppo Find X3 Pro camera hump

The design is unusual, to say the least, with a fairly standard body for the most part until we get to the camera module, where the body of the phone slopes up to meet the four lenses, themselves arranged in a layout clearly inspired by Apple’s recent iPhones.

Oppo has since confirmed that this is indeed the design of the Find X3 Pro, which you can see in action in this sizzle video from the company, showing off how it achieves that curved glass camera module:

Blass obtained images of four finishes: black, white, blue, and an orange leather model similar to last year’s vegan leather Find X2 Pro. Even here, the leather slopes up to the edges of the quad camera module. It’s a design that’s sure to be divisive.

Oppo Find X3 Pro rear

This is specifically the Find X3 Pro, but we expect the standard model to look similar enough if it does launch in China. Blurry images of what might be the standard model have appeared thanks to a listing on the Chinese certification system TENAA. You can see a similar rear camera array, though it’s hard to tell if the module slopes up from the rear in the same way on this model.

Oppo Find X3 TENAA

Meanwhile the Lite and Neo are likely to look quite different, as they’re rumoured to be re-branded Reno 5 models. Once again, Evan Blass has given us an of what to expect from the range, though we have more images of the Neo and Lite models below:

Oppo Find X3 range leak

What are the Oppo Find X3 specs?

Specs look set to vary significantly between the four Find X3 models, so let’s break them down one by one.

Find X3

First up, we know relatively little about the vanilla Find X3, if it exists at all. Images such as the one above, showing only the Pro, Lite, and Neo models, have led some to believe the regular Find X3 has been scrapped.

The first meaningful leaks came in February 2021, when a phone believed to be the Find X3 appeared on a few benchmarking platforms.

Codenamed PEDM00, the phone appears to run the Snapdragon 870 chipset – an over-clocked version of the 865 – along with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, and ships with ColorOS 11.2 and Android 11. The benchmarks also mention a display resolution of 2412×1080, and a 12.6Mp camera sensor.

Digital Chat Station claims the display will be a 6.78in QHD+ 120Hz panel, and adds that the phone will use the Sony IMX766 camera sensor – which is also rumoured to appear in two of the Find X3 Pro’s cameras.

The PEDM00 appeared on another benchmark, Master Lu, once again showing the Snapdragon 870, along with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, though in this case the resolution is higher at 3216×1440. That matches the Digital Chat Station prediction of a QHD+ panel, but does differ from the benchmark appearance above.

Find X3 Pro

We know more about what to expect from the Find X3 Pro, which has been leaked almost in its entirety thanks to early info from Blass once again, and a later release of a comprehensive spec sheet by WinFuture.

According to Blass, the Find X3 Pro sports the codename ‘Fussi’ and will sport the marketing tagline “Awaken Color” to draw attention to the Full Path Colour Management System that Oppo first announced at its Inno Day 2020 event (which also saw the reveal of the Oppo X 2021 rollable concept phone). This has since been proven correct – you’ll see that same tagline on the launch invite above, and in this official teaser video:

This system means that the the Find X3 Pro will offer a true 10-bit colour display, and will feature 10-bit colour depth through the full DCI-P3 gamut at every stage: from capture via the phone’s camera, to encoding, storage, decoding, and finally on the screen.

Find X3 full path colour management Oppo Inno Day 2020 press image
Source: Oppo

As well as offering 10-bit colour depth, like its predecessor, the X3 Pro is said by Blass to sport a 6.7in 1440×3216 OLED display with a dynamic refresh rate that can range from 10Hz to 120Hz (presumably at full resolution). WinFuture adds that it will boast Gorilla Glass 5.

Oppo itself has confirmed that the Find X3 Pro will be powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset, which should come as no great surprise to anyone following the industry. WinFuture adds that it will be backed up by 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

Oppo Find X3 Pro leaked render

An Oppo device powered by the 888 appeared on benchmarking app AnTuTu, with an impressive score of 771,491 – the highest from any 888-powered device thus far. 

The same 888-powered Oppo phone popped up on Geekbench too, there hitting scores of 1134 on single-core performance and 3660 on multi-core – roughly in line with Qualcomm’s own numbers for 888 performance, unlike the record-breaking AnTuTu performance. The model number on Geekbench – CPH2173 – is in line with last year’s Find X2 (CPH2023) and Find X2 Pro (CPH2025).

A device codenamed ‘Oppo PEEM00’ – believed to be the Find X3 Pro – popped up on benchmarks again in early February. The spec sheet this time showed the Snapdragon 888 backed up by 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, in line with WinFuture’s prediction.

Oppo Find X3 Pro leaked image

The Pro also looks to be the first device to tote two of Sony’s new 50Mp IMX766 image sensors: one serving as the phone’s primary camera (f/1.8 with OIS according to WinFuture), while the other mans an ultrawide lens (f/2.2), which should bring greater consistency to the table compared to other multi-sensored smartphone snapper arrangements.

The camera system will also reportedly play host to a 13Mp telephoto snapper with f/2.4 aperture – Blass says this is only 2x zoom, though WinFuture calls it a ‘periscope’ which suggests it will have greater capabilities than that. Unusually the whole setup is rounded out by an unorthodox 5Mp ‘microlens’ camera at f/3.0, set to tote 25x magnification and microscope-like capabilities – thanks in part to an integrated LED ring. This is a feature that Blass says is likely to receive notable attention within the phone’s marketing.

Leaker Ice Universe has since shared what they claim is a sample image from this 25x macro camera, though of course without knowing what the photo is of it’s hard to get a good sense of how well it’s done.

Oppo Find X3 25x zoom

WinFuture also adds that the selfie camera will be 32Mp, at f/2.4.

Oppo itself has confirmed that it’s adding support for DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range) camera sensors – a Sony-developed technology that allows for multiple shots to be taken at different exposures simultaneously and compiled into a final HDR shot, rather than current mobile HDR solutions that capture multiple images at different exposure values in succession in order to create a composite final HDR image.

This upgrade would reduce the risk of blurred movement when capturing HDR images, as all exposure values are being captured concurrently.

The exterior of the phone apparently comes in at 163.4 x 74 x 8.3 mm, while weight will be kept to a manageable (for a device with a 6.7in display, at least) 193g. It should have an IP rating too, going by another leaked Blass image showing off the phone’s water resistance – WinFuture reports it will be IP68.

Oppo Find X3 Pro water resistance

On the inside sits a 4500mAh battery that’ll support 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 wired fast charging and – unlike the Find X2 Pro – will also accommodate 30W AirVOOC wireless fast charging.

Those battery and charging specs have since been verified by the Find X3 Pro’s FCC certification, which confirms a dual-cell battery with a typical capacity of 2250mAh per cell – for 4500mAh total. It also lists a potential 65W charge speed.

Oppo Find X3 Pro leaked image

One of the less attention-grabbing but interesting upgrades apparently set to feature within the Find X3 Pro is an enhanced dual-body antenna for the phone’s NFC module, which will supposedly allow for common NFC functionality – like tap-to-pay – regardless of the phone’s orientation.

Blass’s report finishes with word that the X3 Pro will run on the company’s ColorOS 11 atop Android 11 at launch – a software experience that’s already rolling out to some of Oppo’s existing handsets.

What about the Find X3 Neo?

Most of what we know about the Find X3 Neo comes courtesy of Dutch site Nieuwe Mobiel, which got hold of leaked renders of the phone, and WinFuture, which secured more renders and specs.

Oppo Find X3 Neo leak

You can see a curved display to the phone – apparently a 6.5in, 90Hz AMOLED at 2400×1080, with Gorilla Glass 5. You can reportedly expect an IPX4 rating, dimensions of 159.3 x 74 x 7.99 mm, and a weight of 184g.

WinFuture claims that inside is a Snapdragon 865 paired with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, while the battery is 4500mAh with 65W charging.

The rear quad-camera is led by a 50Mp, f/1.7 main shooter, along with a 16Mp ultrawide, 13Mp telephoto, and 2Mp macro. The same 32Mp selfie camera as the Pro is found on the front.

It’s notable that the phone looks an awful lot like the Reno 5 Pro+, and the specs match up pretty much exactly. That would make sense, as it’s also been reported by Evan Blass that the Find X3 Lite (below) is a rebranded Reno 5.

For reference, the Reno 5 Pro+ boasts a 6.55in 90Hz AMOLED display and is powered by the Snapdragon 865, along with 8/12GB RAM and 128/256GB storage. It’s got a solid camera setup too, with a 50Mp main camera along with 13Mp telephoto, 16Mp ultrawide, 2Mp macro, and 32Mp selfie camera. It also supports 65W fast charging for the 4500mAh battery.

What about the Find X3 Lite?

As mentioned above, leaker Blass reports that the Find X3 Lite will in fact be a re-branded Oppo Reno 5.

He shared the image below, which shows a phone that looks similar to the Reno 5, but without that phone’s ‘Reno Glow’ branding. Blass said that otherwise “you’d be hard pressed to find any differences at all between the devices’ designs and specifications.”

Oppo Find X3 Lite

Going by WinFuture’s spec leak, that seems to be exactly correct.

That means a 6.4in 90Hz AMOLED display, powered by a Snapdragon 765G with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. Expect a 4300mAh battery and 65W charging. In terms of cameras, the 32Mp punch-hole selfie camera is complimented by a 64Mp main camera, 8Mp ultrawide, and 2Mp macro and depth sensors on the rear.

Of course, time will tell if these leaks are accurate and the Find X3 Lite is indeed the same as the Reno 5 – if so, it means we shouldn’t expect to see both phones launch in the same markets, which may rule out the Reno 5 ever arriving in the UK.

Oppo Find X3 wish list

Consistent cameras – There’s little that Oppo left out with this year’s Find X2 Pro and to a lesser degree the standard Find X2. The former boasts one of the best camera setups currently available on a smartphone, so bringing that same degree of consistency and general imaging excellence across the entirety of the range would be ideal – something it seems we might actually see between the main and ultrawide snapper, if rumour of them using the same type of IMX766 Sony sensor rings true.

Wireless charging – Considering the asking price of Oppo’s current-gen flagships, there’s little reason to exclude features like wireless charging, especially when other Oppo devices already possess such functionality. The most recent reports about 30W wireless charging on the Pro are encouraging but now it’s a case of whether or not the rest of the range will benefit from such a feature too.

Faster charging – The entirety of the Find X2 range boasts already-impressive fast charging but to push the envelope as it’s clear Oppo likes to do, we’re expecting even faster speeds from next year’s X3.

More colours/finishes – The Find X2 Pro comes in an understated grey ceramic or an eye-watering orange vegan leather; some more colourways or finishes wouldn’t go amiss next year, Oppo.

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